AFR 220cc Race cylinder head 1066

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AFR 220 cc Race heads 1066

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AFR 220 cc heads kompletta

Race-ready AFR 220cc SBC Eliminator racing heads feature 100 percent CNC-ported intakes with greater detail. They also come with 100 percent CNC-ported combustion chambers and 80cc exhaust ports with a 3/4 in. thick head deck (ideal for nitrous or blower applications). Standard valves are lightweight 8mm, 2.080 in. intakes and 1.600 in. exhausts with AFR’s hardened ductile iron interlocking valve seats. The valve springs included are intended for use on roller camshafts. They also offer exceptional flow characteristics, a 23 degree valve angle, and standard valve spacing. They are perfect for 350 to 400 c.i.d. engines in bracket drag cars, sportsman oval trackers, and highly modified street-class cars operating between 3,000 and 7,500 rpm (higher rpm ranges are possible, depending on the combination of parts).


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