Kamaxel Chevy LS 292

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Junk Yard LS1 Turbo with Stock Stroke Cathedral Heads Max 7000 Camshaft

Du anger motor volym. slaglängd. vevstakslängd. kolvdiamter, toppar och  kompresion.

Så tar vi fram rätt kamaxel för dig i vårt semi custom sortiment. Samt vilken generation av Block.


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Chevrolet  LS

“GTA Street Cams” If you want more power out of your Junk Yard LS1 Turbo Cathedral Heads, look no farther. The “GTA” Series of Street Performance Cams from Straub tech will boost the power on your LS like no other hydraulic roller cam. These cams have been engineered to feed the demand of your LS based on CID and cylinder head. Your CID and desired rpm range sets the demand of the engine.   The cylinder head based on its flow characteristics will deliver the air and fuel. Since there are multiple options in heads with different flow rates, then you need a camshaft based on what the heads can supply. The GTA series of street performance hydraulic rollers makes this easy. You select your engine combination and then cylinder head and we supply the camshaft. Straub Tech takes the guessing out of camshaft selection. Straub cams are worldwide proven by HP crazy customers. These cam all but guarantee the hotrodder the performance he is after with his performance Detroit V-8. Customers Report: Easier Starting Much greater powerband Greatly improved throttle response Fuel Mileage increase as much at 4 MPG Lots of questions asked about the camshaft at Chevy events….

Lift is with 1.7 Ratio Rocker

Adv. Dur. Int/Exh          292/288

Dur. at .050″ Int/Exh    233/229

Valve Lift Int/Exh         .620/.600

Center Lines Int/ Exh   112/112

LSA                                 112

We also recommend using Morel Lifter 5290 with this Cam.



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