Pro Systems förgasare 4150 Bensin 780cfm

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Pro Systems förgasare 4150 780 cfm Bensin

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Förgasaren som byggs efter dina specifikationer och levererar max effekt

Talk about serious. This model has more wins than even we could imagine. If you’re a 4150 type of racer, what can we say, this is it! If it’s naturally aspirated or using light nitrous (nitrous shot of 350 hp or less) this design is the one. It has all the features you could ever ask for in a carburetor. Machined stepped boosters, a true race fuel curve (not a corporate design), and a custom multi-adjustable bleed configuration that allows this model almost infinite adjustability. This design flat out works on almost everything. It even sounds tough cruisin’ the streets.

The new PRO Series 4150 include these features:

  • HP main body
  • Available in cfm ranges from 780-1040
  • VENOM II Billet Metering blocks or Modified Holley Cast blocks
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Billet Base Plate
  • Balanced drag float or Tunnel Ram Floats(10-12.5 grams)
  • Screw-in jet extensions
  • Clear sight glass
  • Stainless plate screws
  • Custom sized needle and seats (.110-.150)
  • Electronically wet-flow calibrated
  • Custom true race or throttle stop/bracket or street use – fuel curve
  • Live-engine tested
  • Techline access
  • Wet-flow dyno sheet for easy jet selection



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