Vevaxel Chevy BB 4,250″ Premium Competition line

14,995.00 kr


Vevaxel Chevy BB. Slag 4.250″ för 6,385″ vevstakar,  vikt 78 lbs,  Intern Balanced.  2pc seal

Finns med Slaglängd från 4 – 4,750 slag


4340 Forged Performance Crankshafts
WR /Straub Tech 4340 crankshafts will give you strength, reliability, and performance to meet the demands of
your competition engine. We use premium non-twist forgings, machined to exact specifications. Cranks are
heat treated and nitrided to insure strength and reliability. Journals are precision ground to industry specs
to enable proper bearing tolerances. Straub Tech offers its customers the best crank available for the money
without sacrificing reliability or performance.
• Premium Line Cranks
• Counterweights leading edges radiused for reduced windage
• Large radius/filet on all journals
• Indexed oiling passages with large chamfer
• Lightening holes drilled in all throws
Premium Competition Line of Crankshafts
Includes all of the above with these additions.
• Counterweight leading edge is shaped with large radius to
reduce windage
• Counterweights have additional machining to reduce weight
• Lighten hole diameter increased for greater strength and weight reduction


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