Dart SHP 200 cc Cylinder heads Aluminium

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Dart 200 cc SHP aluminu heads

64 cc förbränningsrum raka stift

Ange Hyd eller  solid rullkam, samt övriga uppdateringar.

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Dart SHP 220cc heads kompletta

Dart SHP Special High Performance cylinder heads provide an affordable option for those who desire the weight savings of aluminum heads for a performance street engine. These units are manufactured from A356-T6 aluminum and are designed to work with most off-the-shelf components. SHP heads are available with your choice of 64cc or 72cc combustion chambers—and come in both 180cc and 200cc intake runner ports that are precision-cast to offer excellent flow and power without the need for CNC-machined porting. They feature optimized chambers for increased combustion efficiency, as well as multi-angle intake seats. The cylinder heads’ radiused exhaust seats dramatically increase their performance, and the manganese bronze valve guides increase their life.


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