LS Renoverings kit för vippor

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Renoverings kit för LS Vippor

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Renoverings kit för LS vippor
 Engineered to provide maximum lubrication to the trunion while also providing maximum load capabilities, the NEW bushing LS trunnion UP-grade kits give the LS world peace of mind. The proprietary bushing material is fed with a full oiling channel. This channel constantly feeds oil to the bushing surface ensuring proper lubrication. The greater surface area will support 300X the load of what a needle will. Also there is NO CHANCE of needle bearings destroying the engine when using much more aggressive cam profiles with stock type rockers. Kit includes the trunnion, bushings and C-Clips and Bolts In addition to the all the parts in the 346-1370 this kit also includes 16 8mm Socket Head Bolts NOTE: If Purchasing for a LS7 note in the order comments that this is a LS7 Kit for correct bolt.


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