Vevstakar H-Profil 4340 6.125″ Chevy LS

10,375.00 kr


Chevrolet SB 6,125″ H-Profil,  Stor ända 2,1″ Lill ända 0,928″ Vikt 648 gram


H-Beam Connecting Rods
WR /Straub Tech H-Beam Connecting Rods are forged from
4340 steel. All of our rods are magnafluxed, heat treated,
stress relieved, shot peened, and sonic tested to ensure they
provide the strength required for high horsepower applications. All rods
are produced on CNC machinery and are finished in the USA to ensure precise
big end and pin end bore sizes.

We weight match all of our sets of rods to + or -1.5 grams to make balancing easier.
Silicon bronze bushings are installed for use with floating pins. Bolt lube and torque
specifications are included. Straub Tech only uses ARP’s proprietary material, ARP2000 for bolts. These rods
are rated 1100 horsepower in SBC, LS, and SBF, and 1200 horsepower in BBC applications.
ARP2000 Material: An exclusive, hybrid-alloy developed to deliver superior strength and better fatigue

While 8740 and ARP2000 share similar characteristics – ARP2000 is capable of achieving clamp loads in the 215,000-
220,00 PSI range. ARP2000 is used widely in short track and drag racing as an up-grade from 8740 chrome
moly in both steel and aluminum rods. Stress corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement are typically not a
problem,providing care is taken during installation.


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